“Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped” How to Fix

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“Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped” How to Fix

If you an Android user and you have installed Showbox, there is a problem that many showbox’s user face, It is “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped”. If you face the same problem, there is some solution you might try it.

To get the solution, you can follow the instruction below for sure by yourself.
showbox error unfortunately has stopped
Showbox is the most popular app for android, with this app you can watch movies, TV shows, Music videos and more and you will get full entertainment on your Android devices. Not only to watching online but also you can download any content on showbox app and watch it later without any internet connection.

But when you run showbox and you face “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped” Just follow the simple steps to get it fixed.

How to Fix Unfortunately Showbox has Stopped

  • First Open “Setting” on your Android devices and then go to “General”
  • Tap on “Application Manager”, you can find it from the list just try to scroll down
  • After you found it, you fill find “All App“, search “Showbox” and tap on the app name.
  • Tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear data”
  • And then restart your devices,
  • done

If you are lucky, your showbox will fix. but if the steps above is not working, Try to uninstall your showbox, and try to install the new version of showbox. you can find showbox the latest version here.

I hope your showbox’s error [unfortunately showbox has stopped] get fixed by this method, if you have another method, you can share with us by leave a comment below. Thanks

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