Download Kingroot Apk and PC All Versions Free

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Download Kingroot Apk and PC All Versions Free

In this post, Apkluccy  will share Kingroot All versions that you can download it freely, in this post, you will find Kingroot apk for Android and for PC.

What is Kingroot exactly?

Kingroot is an application that can be used to grant root access by several exploit mode, with this tool that contain various exploit mode, will help you to root your devices, so, even you don’t know a little bit about programing language, you still can get root access easily.


Kingroot is a powerful app, its means, it has highly supported devices, The last update of this tool, support around 105.203 Android model, it is damn fantastic, Kingroot is also known as root tool that has high success rate, if you have any android devices from android 2 until Android Lollipop OS , you can try this awesome root tool.

Now, you can download all versions of kingroot, just choose what version you want to download and to use , from the list below, And click the link, you will be direct to the storage cloud host automatically…Download Kingroot Apk and PC All Versions Free


Kingroot Apk and PC – All Version Download

For Android :


NewKingrootV4.81.apk – 8.6 MB (Latest Version v 4.8.1)

NewKingrootV4.80_C135_B242_en_release_2016_01_20_105203.apk – 8.4 MB

NewKingrootV4.65_C134_B241_en_release_2016_01_05_105203.apk – 8.3 MB

KingrootV4.62_C133_B235_office_release_2015_12_11_244153.apk – 8.4 MB

KingrootV4.62_C133_B233_xda_release_2015_11_24_105243.apk – 7.9 MB

KingrootV4.60_C132_B234_xda_release_2015_11_23_105243.apk – 7.9 MB

KingrootV4.60_C132_B232_xda_release_2015_11_13_105243.apk – 7.9 MB

KingrootV4.52_C127_B227_xda_release_2015_09_28_105243.apk – 5.3 MB

KingrootV4.50_C120_B220_xda_release_2015_09_02_105243.apk – 5.3 MB

KingrootV4.50_C120_B220_xda_release_2015_07_22_105243.apk – 5.3 MB

KingRoot4.1-release-20150703-for-xda.apk – 6.0 MB

KingRoot- – 6.4 MB


For PC :
KingRootSetup_v3.1.0.1125_105002.exe – 24.3 MB


For more information, to add your basic knowledge about Kingroot apk app, and to make you more stable in use kingroot apk, you can read about Kingroot Features below, but if you just want to download the apk file, you can skip it

Kingroot Features

1. One-Click Root : This is the main feature that you will get when using this app, it is damn easy to use, yes with just one click, and done, this app will work for you.
2. Support Root with or without PC : you can choose what method do you want to use, you can choose root directly from your phone or from your PC, if you want a simple way, I suggest, just use the apk file of kingroot, and if you fail with the first method, just try to using PC to get root, equally easy, but the results offered greater when you are using PC
3. Best exploits mode : Kingroot will randomly determine which method exploits the right and best for your android, the process requires an Internet connection
4. Safe and No Data Loss : When you use Kingroot, don’t worry about your data, because kingroot will not affect any of you data on your Android, it is safe to use.


Caution :
I don’t take responsibility with your warranty, because root with any root tool will void the warranty
I just share the original apk file
All right reserved by KingrootTeam

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