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Game Killer Apk Definition – What is Gamekiller?

game killer apkGame killer is an android apps that allow us to edit values, modding any Android games and apps. If you ever have experience by using Che$at Engine for PC, Game Killer apk is the mobile version of Che#at Engine. I mean, these two have the same functions. The main Function of Game Killer is to modify any data such as coins, gems, score, point, level, unlock etc. Game killer will modify game score, gems, coins, etc, but there is point to remember that Game killer app is for offline Android apps and games.

Game Killer Features

  • Support latest games and apps
  • Search any hex values easily
  • Modify any data with an easy way
  • EX edit
  • Unload code
  • Save/Load
  • Search different game and app easily

Download Game Killer Apk

File Name : Game-Killer-4.10.apk
File Size : 500kb
Download Link

How to Use Game Killer Apk

Game killer work on almost android OS to modify any hex value, but game killer just work on a rooted phone, this app allow to modify key by supersu help, so, if your android has’not rooted yet, you should root it first, you can root your Android use Kingroot v4.8 . But if your phone has rooted, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download game killer apk file from the link provide above, and then install it on your rooted phone.
  2. Just open the game killer app that you’ve installed before, you will be able to see game killer interface like the pictures below.
  3. Now, press back button or minimize the game killer app, you will see the floating icon.
  4. launch any apps or games that you want to modify, for example, you want to change your coins, and then just try to collect some coins on the game
  5. Tap on the Game killer icon, you will see a messeges “Input number to do exact search bla bla bla…..”, and then enter the number of coins you’ve collected before, and tap “Search” > auto identify
  6. After it show a result, then tap on the values and change it as you want.

game killer apk interface

For example : you collect coins or score 1045 coins, Search 1045 on game killer app, then modify 1045 to 9999
but if the results show multiple key/values, try to gain any coin little more until it is show a single results.

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