Brawl Stars Apk Android Download, New Game from Supercell

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Brawl Stars Apk Android Download, New Game from Supercell

Clash of Clans Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hayday. It was the breakthrough games of the Supercell which are very popular among smartphone users. Game developer from the Supercell is indeed worth a thumbs up, the evidence, any game that’s been release by Supercell has always been the trend and favored by connoisseurs of mobile games.

download brawl stars apk android download

Since the release of Clash of Clans in the mobile market for the first time, the name “Supercell” keeps increasing. Followed by Clash Royale which is more focused on the world of E-sports, make the E-sports on mobile platforms became more developed. It is certainly very good for games competition.


Brawl Stars Apk Android Download

Latest news, today, Supercell, gives new game breakthrough more cool, with the basic concept of games like Bomberman, Supercell will change and improve the basic game concept with a special touch of Supercell. that makes this game more interesting and more competitive to support world e-sport

Brawl Stars is a combat-based multiplayer games on mobile devices, this new game brings the 3rd person shooter genre, or in other words, seen from above. However, there are more interesting things from this game, Supercell says that Brawlstars is the gaming genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Based Arena) on mobile platforms.

download brawl stars apk

not much different with Clash Royale, Game Brawl Stars also focused to get into the world of esports 3vs3 system, where in this game, the players fought each other in a variety of different game modes to collect crystals and pull out your opponent.


Certainly, in this game, the players can show the skill and their strategy to win every game, every game you play using the time limit specified. So, you have to win a game in the specified time.

Brawl Stars Game Mode

Brawl stars has four game modes, i.e.:

  • Bounty: Bounty game Mode is the mode where you must collect stars for your team, by way of eliminating opponents, but be careful, do not let the stars do you get taken by your opponent. The team with the most stars, will win the game!
  • Smash & Grab: in this mode, you will collect the crystals from the specified place, this mode will not be easy, you will be intercepted by the opposing team, you and your team must fight to get crystals. The first team to collect 10 crystals and held him until time runs out will be the winner.
  • Heist: Heist mode, you are required to destroy a wall protected by the opposing team, or buy you valuable items from prospective safecracker. Later, you have a few minutes to determine who went with the booty! Select one of the people on your team to do it
  • Showdown: in this Showdown mode, you will not play for the team, there will be 10 players in one arena, and arena will shrink gradually. Can you become the player last to survive? The last surviving player is the winner


Brawl Stars have not been released by Supercell. However, Supercell has showed a showmatch which can be seen by viewers at home in order to understand this game sistemasi. In the video, it looks there are 6 players (3 vs 3) and so did the commentators commenting on the 2 companions.

Well, if this is a new thing for the world of esports? will these Stars Brawl will enliven the world of esports? well, who knows?


For pre-release game Brawl Stars has not been announced, but apparently the game Brawl Stars this Beta version is already available in Canada. Yup, you do not need to fear, because this game will be available on iOS and Android, as well as all games of the Supercell.

 Brawl Stars Apk Android Download 


If you live in Canada, you can try this game with download it via iTunes, on the link below << Brawl Stars Beta Version (Reg. Canada)

Download Brawl Stars Apk Android

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